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We are currently working towards ‘Investors in Pupils’ (IiP) at Sycamore Academy.

What is Investors in Pupils?

Investors in Pupils is a programme it is a recognised national quality mark to recognise, develop and extend pupil voice, engagement and participation strategies across schools helping to develop young people’s transferability and life skills. Supporting pupils to feel valued and heard within their learning. It aims to inspire and remind children they are lifelong learners, whilst further highlighting a positive whole school ethos. Investors in Pupils is a great way to ensure our school moto ‘learning and caring together’ is a well-embedded part of everything we do as a school, but most importantly as learners.

Why is this important to follow at Sycamore Academy?

Investors in Pupils is about showing children their value, responsibility, budget, how the school is run through our AAB, rewards and importance of making good choices. But most importantly for Sycamore Academy, is realising that we (children, teaching staff and all adults in school) are a team and that they are an important part of that make up. This will continue to maintain the strong positive ethos that is held around school and build on confidence and responsibility.

5 Main Areas of Investors in Pupils



Classroom Management



What does Sycamore Academy do to address these five main areas?


  • Attendance within Sycamore is something that is improving. However, Sycamore also offer an incentive to encourage further improvement.
  • Receive 100% certificates accompanied by a reward on a termly basis.
  • An attendance board is displayed in the assembly hall, alongside the attendance percentage and this is completed weekly, with the class with over 98% getting 5 minutes extra play and the winning class getting 5 minutes extra play alongside a chocolate treat.
  • When classes get over 98% teachers are encouraged to put this on ClassDojo story to help continue to celebrate and encourage parents as well.
  • Pupils and families are aware that attendance and punctuality are key to help support their learning.


  • In 2017, Sycamore Academy introduced a new behaviour system. This is used throughout school and is used consistently well. All pupils start on green every day (except those on gold) and can move to glittery green, silver (receives silver sticker) or even gold (receives two different gold stickers and awarded Gold Certificate in assembly) if displaying desired and exceptional behaviours. Any children who make wrong choices are moved onto amber, however if the behaviour is more severe would move to red with the agreed school sanctions followed in accordance to our behaviour policy. (see behaviour policy)
  • Children who reach gold on the behaviour chart (those who set a role model for other children consistently) at the end of the year get the reward of attending “The Gold Trip” which in previous years has been bowling and lunch!
  • Children are and feel safe at Sycamore Academy.
  • Golden tickets are given out for desirable behaviour and a draw is pulled so a child from every class can choose a prize.
  • Golden Assembly is used to celebrate the success of the pupils with a Mathematics and English award being given out per class.

Classroom Management

  • Pupils are given responsibilities across the school. Classroom based responsibilities are displayed within the Class Induction Book.
  • Head Boy and Head Girl have been nominated and their roles discussed in Golden Assembly.
  • Assembly helpers to give out golden tickets recognising desired behaviour and giving responsibility to others.
  • The school council is elected every academic year and a child from each class is decided.
  • School council takes place fortnightly.
  • Servers at lunchtimes (Year 4, 5 and 6) are given responsibility to help the running of the two dinner sittings and aid the time management of these.
  • Enterprise week allows pupils to get involved in enterprise initiatives to help raise money for the school to contribute towards trips.
  • Charity events also take place including local charities and larger scale charities to help others both inside and outside of our community.

We have also been taking part in Citizenship Project to help our local community.

  • Pupils have been given the responsibility to vote on their new library and suggestions for play equipment on new playgrounds. These changes were implement in the Summer term of 2019, and ongoing training for the playground for children and staff has been undertaken to ensure the best possibility for all of our children.


Children’s learning has continued to improve as can be seen from Sycamore’s OFSTED inspection from November 2018.

The ethos of learning has improved two-fold and children show a great enjoyment and respect for their learning.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced allowing children to gain a wide range of knowledge and experience.

We also extend our learning further than the classroom through a range of charity events, community events, sporting events, competitions and celebrate the victories of our students both as a school and as unique and flourishing individuals.


All classes have a class induction book. This book includes key information such as class jobs, targets, timetable, expectations, rules and a piece of high quality work from each child.

Every class has an Investors in Pupils display that allows children to draw reference from and makes it clear to new students what Investors in Pupils is all about, and why it is an important foundation of Sycamore Academy.

Moving Forward Towards the Award

  • We need to further embed the cost of resources and financial budgeting within our school.
  • We also need to develop how the school is run through our Academy Advisory Board (AAB: formerly known as the governors) and ensure our children are aware of this (Governance).
  • Children also need to be aware of the five areas. Currently children will only be able to confidently identify some.
  • Class target needs to be formalised and as a school an agreement on how many times this needs to be achieved to gain the reward associated with IiP.

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