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Please see below for a comprehensive list of staff at Sycamore Academy:

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Teaching Staff
Name Position
Mr Paul Worley Headteacher
Miss Elaine Collins Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Emily Young Deputy Headteacher
Miss Louise Yarnell SENCO Teacher
Miss Anne Windley Teacher Foundation
Mr Sam Thompson Teacher F2B
Miss Tamsin Mason Teacher F2Y
Miss Carly Zuk Teacher Class 1B
Miss Victoria Easton Teacher Class 1Y
Mr Aroon Iqbal Teacher Class 2B
Miss Charlotte Kenna Teacher Class 2Y
Miss Caroline Edney Teacher Class 3B
Mr John Cotton Teacher Class 3Y
Mrs Rachael Woodward and Mrs Sue Chapman Teacher Class 4B
Miss Ruth Woodcraft Teacher Class 4Y
Mr Nathan Shipston Teacher Class 5B
Miss Shai-leigh Davies Teacher Class 5Y
Miss Agnieszka Golota Teacher Class 6
Mrs Anne Cross Teacher


Teaching Assistants
Name Position
Miss Carmen Joseph DSP, Senior Teaching Assistant, Attendance & Behaviour Support
Miss Alice Fawcett 2 Year Old Provision Coordinator
Miss Diana Meeks Foundation Stage 1
Mr Joshua Gadd Foundation Stage 1
Mrs Shirley Murray Foundation Stage F2B
Miss Katie Woodward Foundation Stage F2Y
Mrs Carol Dennis Class 1B
Mr Jayson Mackie Class 1Y
Miss Lisa Balmforth Class 2B
Mrs Samantha Ollerenshaw Class 2Y
Miss Anora Ahad Class 3B
Miss Michele Binkley Class 3Y
Mrs Angela O'Dea Class 4B
Miss Cherastyna Johnson Class 4Y
Miss Jennifer Mustapha Class 5B
Mrs Marianne Kneen Class 5Y
Mrs Caroline Brown Class 6
Miss Judith Ellis Care Assistant
Miss Helen MacKenzie Care Assistant
Mrs Katrina Shelton Care Assistant
Miss Karmel Rushton Care Assistant
Miss Rebecca Waterfall Care Assistant
Miss Ellyn Levoi Care Assistant
Mrs Twynette Plater Care Assistant
Mr Eugene Francis Sports Coordinator
Miss Hannah Whiting Sports Coach
Miss Paisley Strang Sports Coach
Mrs Karen Hardy EMAG
Miss Amanda Cartledge EMAG
Mrs Julie Whitworth Family Support Worker


Administrative Staff
Name Position
Mrs Anita Picker Office Manager
Ms Roselind Edwards Adminstration Assistant
Mrs Michelle Allsopp Adminstration Assistant


Site Staff
Name Position
Mr Michael Lee Site Officer
Miss Jackie Owen Cleaner Supervisor
Mrs Ruth Lee Cleaner
Mr Mark Turton Cleaner
Miss Natelle Hodge Cleaner
Mrs Anita Turton Cleaner


Lunch Staff
Name Position
Miss Bev Rosling Cook Supervisor
Ms Victoria Lamb Assistant Cook
Ms Donna Burgess Kitchen Assistant
Miss Jackie Owen Kitchen Assistant
Miss Jenny Parr Kitchen Assistant
Mr Michael Lee Midday Supervisor
Ms Michelle Eaton Midday Supervisor
Ms Elaine Marshall Midday Supervisor
Mrs Ruth Lee Midday Supervisor
Mrs Anita Turton Midday Supervisor
Mr Mark Turton Midday Supervisor
Miss Natelle Hodge Midday Supervisor
Ms Sandra McCoy Midday Supervisor
Miss Louise Guy Midday Supervisor
Miss Bernadine Browne Midday Supervisor


Name Governor Status Date Appointed Term of Office Attendance Possible Record (Jan-Dec 15) Actual Interests Declared
Mr Paul Worley Headteacher N/A N/A 7 7 None
Ms Rachel Mellor Chair July 2014 September 2020 7 7 None
Mrs Karen Hardy Staff (Support) September 2013 September 2019 7 7 None
Mr John Cotton Staff (Teacher) January 2016 January 2019 2 2 None
Mr Kristian Lengyel Parent September 2016 September 2019 3 4 None
Miss Kirsty McCormack Parent July 2017 July 2020     None
Ms Tina Walton Parent December 2017 December 2020     None
Ms Vicktoria Walker Community July 2017 July 2020     None
VACANCY Community          
VACANCY Parent          

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