Welcome to Saplings. Look at all our exciting learning!


This term, there has been some strange things happening in Saplings classroom!

First, we made some delicious porridge.

We even made some porridge for Miss Collins.

Next, we came into nursery to find one of our chairs had been broken!

Finally, when we came into school the next day, somebody had been sleeping in our book area!

We read Goldilocks story of her visit to the bears house. Do you think Goldilocks made a good choice or a wobbley choice?
We have started to learn to re-tell the story using words and actions.

Our activities over the past few weeks have all been linked to our story of ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’

Coronation Celebration

We enjoyed celebrating the coronation of King Charles III.

Planting Seeds

We have been learning all about seeds and plants. We have planted some seeds we are investigating what happens.

A Visit to the Orchard

We enjoyed visiting the Orchard to do some outdoor learning.

Police car visit

We had a very exciting visit from a police officer who showed us his police car. We are learning about people who help us in our local community.