Attendance is really important.  Children need to be in school every day in order to receive their education.

Lates Process


–  Abbotsford Drive Gates will be locked at 9.00am.

–  Late pupils will come in through the pedestrian gate on Church Road and use the main entrance.  They will be questioned as to why they are late.  This will be recorded and followed up with parents if it continues.

– Late children miss valuable learning time and it can affect their self-esteem.  It is really important that your child arrives at 8.50am.

Thank you for your support and co-operation by improving the life chances of our children by making sure they attend every day.

Absence Process

If your child’s attendance drops below 96% – the following procedure applies:-

–  Parents will receive a “concern letter”.  If your child’s attendance continues to get worse, monitoring begins.

–  If your child’s attendance does not improve parents will receive a “persistence letter” where a meeting will be held with the Headteacher.

– After a further 4 weeks, if attendance does not improve parents will receive a “Referral to Education Welfare letter” where prosecution plans will be put in place.  Penalty notice served. 

If your child is ill and not attending school, you must notify the office by 9.00am on the first day of illness on 9155804.  If we do not hear anything from you, you will be contacted by telephone and sent a text message.

Holiday Process

–  Holidays are not allowed in term time.  Pupils and staff get 14 weeks so all holidays must be taken during these times.

–  Children who go on holiday during term time may be taken off roll and may lose their school place.

–  Parents who take holidays and cause their child’s attendance to drop will be taken through the procedure outlined above which could result in prosecution.