At Sycamore we aim to provide our children with an innovative curriculum that motives and inspires learning through a collaborative, whole school approach. Our learning ethos is child-centred; each curriculum area enables our children to acquire subject specific skills. Throughout each subject, cross-curricular links are embedded to extend the application of mathematics, English and computing skills. English texts and reading are at the heart of our curriculum.

Our curriculum stems from exciting ‘WOW’ openers that hook children into their new topics and capture their interest and imagination. We plan visits throughout the year to enrich our children’s learning experiences. Themed teaching helps children to link their learning and apply their skills in different contexts. This extends and deepens their learning; it equips children with the essential skills to approach and achieve in the multi-skilled tasks and situations that life will bring. Through assemblies there is a sharing and celebration of thematic learning across the school.

As a school, we value and celebrate the multicultural heritage our children bring into the classroom and their learning. We believe that we have a duty to teach equality and how to form positive relationships; preventing and eliminating discrimination, victimisation and harassment. We work with children to give them the strategies to face social and environmental challenges through a personalised P.S.H.E. curriculum, which will give them the skills and awareness to keep themselves safe. Through their learning journey at Sycamore, children become confident, understanding and respectful citizens within the school, the community and for the wider world.

For further information about our curriculum at Sycamore or the standards set out by the government please follow one of the following links: 

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Key Stage Two Curriculum Overview


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English at Sycamore

English in Year 1

English in Year 2

English in Year 3

English in Year 4

English in Year 5

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EYFSP Handbook

Teacher Assessment Framework Year 2

Teacher Assessment Framework Year 6

If you would like to find out more about the curriculum at Sycamore Academy, please contact the school office and ask to speak to the Curriculum Leader.