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Curriculum Design

At Sycamore Academy we aim to provide our children with a curriculum that interests, motivates, and inspires their learning. It is our intention to provide our children with an education that meets their individual needs and gives them the best future life opportunities. We endeavour to deliver an education which provides our pupils with knowledge and a range of skills so that they become rounded individuals.  At Sycamore Academy we want our pupils to leave our school as articulate, independent thinkers who can view the world with tolerance and who are able to form and express their own opinions.

At Sycamore Academy we have designed our knowledge-based curriculum to be underpinned by the national curriculum document. At the start of their education journey at Sycamore Academy we teach children to read through our chosen phonics program; Read Write Inc. Reading is at the heart of what we do, and we recognise the importance of children being able to read well as an essential part of their curriculum journey. We ensure that quality texts are used as a basis for our English curriculum and that a range of texts are also available for the children to read independently. In addition to this we also provide quality texts to support pupils understanding of our broad curriculum.

The curriculum is planned and sequenced so that the understanding of key concepts is deepened. Connections are made so that children understand how their current learning is linked to prior learning. Key concepts have been identified and knowledge progression is planned so that end points are identified. We aim to frame the children’s learning to help them to identify the purpose of what they are learning. At Sycamore Academy it is our intent that our subject curriculum is delivered in a way that allows our children to transfer key knowledge to their long-term memory. To achieve this, we aim to present information clearly, promote appropriate discussion opportunities and systematically check children’s understanding. If misunderstandings or misconceptions are identified, we aim to respond to this to ensure that our children continue to make progress.

As a school we recognise the importance of offering our pupils a range of active learning experiences. Therefore, we plan visits throughout the year to enrich our children’s understanding of their community, Nottingham and beyond. Our school motto is: ‘Learning and Caring Together,’ and this is what we aim to achieve at Sycamore Academy.

We hope that you enjoy finding out more about our curriculum using the subject pages below. If you require any additional information, please contact the school at on 0115 9155804.

Curriculum Rationale

EYFS Policy and Philosophy

Key Stage One Curriculum Overview

Key Stage Two Curriculum Overview

Teaching and Learning Model of Pedagogy