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Trip to the Chase

Sycamore Academy and St Ann’s Well Academy pupils meet with local councillors to discuss and take action to find purposeful used for the unused retail units on the Chase.  The meeting was very positive and will hopefully bring about improvements.

Year 6 pupils entire a Maths Competition with Explore Learning

In terms of feedback for the school, we were really impressed with their ability to consider and check the answers of others. The team also all stopped when necessary to listen carefully to others’ explanations, and generally worked very collaboratively. As a next step for the team, we would have liked to have seen them showing more justification of their answers, explaining this to both other members of the team and when presenting their findings to a marker at the end of the competition.

Last week our school councillors were involved in a regional SC meeting where they discussed global issues threatening the planet. They also participated in several activities exploring how media can play a huge part in raising awareness, educating the public to help them see how they can get involved and help save the planet from further damage. Children were asked to explore how these global issues, and highlight how they impact on their local communities.

 They were asked to choose a topic, and create a ‘call to action’ video to promote action in schools.

 The videos and photos are below.