Writing at Sycamore

In Sycamore, we want children to be inspired to write. To know that they are writing for a purpose and to further develop their linguistic skills.

There are three stages to the planning and delivery of English.

Week one is based on immersing the children into a text. This involves understanding characters and the setting of the text and reading the text over. At this stage, there is a lot of discussion and talk-partners, so that children can share ideas and make connections within their learning. Children get to grips with the text so that they have a deeper understanding of the text.

During week two and three, we support the children to become more independent writers, so that they can show their writing ability and natural flair. We delve into choosing appropriate vocabulary, enhancing sentence structures, and supporting the editing process, so that effective improvements are executed

We believe that all children should have the opportunity to write, therefore we scaffold and support all individuals so that learning is personalised to their needs.